Pince is a collection of limited lapel pins designed in Brussels, Belgium. inspired by vintage design and original craftsmanship. We take this classic medium to new heights through nice design, humor, art and music.


Think of them as the casual bunch. Created and designed by Pince. Inspired by daily and not so daily things. With a focus on design and humor. Produced in unlimited quantities. 


The early bird gets the worm! Limited Collections are created and designed by Pince. Mostly about a specific topic and produced in limited quantities.


Sick collab bro... Pins in collaboration with artists, illustrators, events, music artists and other stuff we feel really related to.

Sure! We can guide you through the process and do custom productions based on your needs. We already did custom productions for Brands, products and artists like: Eastpak, Subbacultcha, Woodie Smalls, Crevette records, Vlaamse gemeenschapscommissie, Interieur Kortrijk, Baroness O, Raygun, Teamleader and many more...

Questions, suggestions or just wanna say hello? Talk to us!